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What my clients say...

Clients' Testimonials

Depression & Anxiety

Frances (UK)


"Cathy is an amazing therapist.

She is very compassionate and puts you at ease, allowing you to go deep within yourself to really get the root of the problem, helps guide you through with love and understanding to release and transform yourself.

I would definitely recommend Cathy, she could really help you change your life."

Gill McM (Scotland)


"Cathy has such a lovely manner and instantly put me at ease for our RTT session. She patiently and compassionately helped me navigate my blocks and fears, and I'm delighted to say that I am now motivated to maintain a healthy balanced life, full of physical exercise and good food! I am no longer stuck or self-sabotaging. Thanks Cathy!"

Nichola (UK)


“Honestly that session and your recording has been amazing. My work rate has been noticed by the management in my workplace, and I haven't even met them personally before!

I've felt so motivated to take up new challenges because I've felt like I've stepped into this new identity where procrastinating just isn't me. I play, relax, have fun and am still productive :) You've worked some real magic!”

Ameenah (UK)

Inner sadness

 “I had my first RTT session with Cathy. At first I thought it would not work for me as I've never been hypnotised and this session was online. Cathy was so empathetic, friendly and warm that you could quickly build up trust with her. The online session worked flawlessly and I felt points in my life that I have never felt so intensely before. I knew that these were building block in my life, but that they had such an impact on me was new and surprising. In short: after the session I felt much lighter – the inner sadness was pushed away. The audio helps to relax and motivate me. I can highly recommend Cathy as she is really a very motivating and loving coach. Thank you so much Cathy for your time and patience.” 

I.O (Switzerland)


"Cathy's skill really helped me through a difficult period in my life, and with her gentle and caring guidance made the experience exceptionally beneficial to my mental health. 


Included was a 21 day recording to listen to before bed, which helped me reinforce my intension and outcome, and it worked wonders!

I highly recommend Cathy's skill and service for the better"

Dan (UK)

Female Pattern Baldness

"I suffer from Female Pattern Baldness and did one session with Cathy to see if RTT could help.  It was my first time seeking help for this condition and I can honestly say the results have exceeded all my expectations. Cathy is an amazing RTT Therapist and handled the session extremely well taking me on a journey to help me understand the root cause of my condition.  As soon as I met Cathy I felt I was in safe hands. She is extremely intuitive and just seemed to know exactly what to say to help me. During my session she created a powerful recording for me which I listened to for 21 days. At first I noticed that my hair was not falling out as much. It has been 5 weeks now and I am delighted to say that some new growth is beginning to show.  I would highly recommend Cathy as I know you will experience amazing results.

 Thanks a million Cathy.  You are amazing."

Pauline (Ireland)


"I really enjoyed working with Cathy recently. Her friendliness and positive energy made me feel at ease from our first call and the flow of our session felt very natural. like catching up with an old friend. 

Following our sessions, Cathy checked in with me weekly and honestly could not be more supportive. She made herself available whenever I had questions and went above and beyond to help, which I really appreciated. 

Thanks to Cathy's skilful guidance that tackled the root cause of my issues and her excellent recording, I have reframed and let go of old issues that held me back for years and now see myself in a totally new light - naturally confident and comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I'm finally free to just be myself and live life with the handbrake off - and I can't thank Cathy enough."

Nick (UK)

Self doubt

"The session with Cathy was amazing. She made me feel understood and she gave me exactly what I needed. Even before the session, I felt very safe in her hands. As such I was not nervous to do the session and had no issues relaxing, which is quite impressive as my mind tends to try and control everything. She helped me realise the reasons behind my problems and made an amazing personalized recording for me. I am feeling like a completely different person now, full of confidence in the future. I recommend her to anyone who needs a professional RTT therapist with loads of warmth and understanding."

Kristina (Slovenia)


"Cathy ran an amazing RTT session and made me feel really comfortable from the beginning. I managed to open up to her in a way that I usually find very difficult. I managed to uncover the importance of some traumas in my life which I thought were insignificant and have now managed to look at them in another way. I was also able to let out some trapped anger and resentment I didn’t know I still had inside myself. She also made me an brilliant recording that I have been listening to everyday, which really helps with daily stresses. Overall Cathy is a really friendly, kind, understanding and knowledgeable person and I couldn’t recommend her enough."

Madi (UK)

Sport performance

"My daughter (13 years old) had a great session with Cathy. She was a bit apprehensive going in but came away happy, relaxed and refocused. Since her session she has been a lot more positive within her sport and achieved a number of things in recent weeks that she previously had been struggling with for many months."

Karyn (UK)


"As a medical professional I was initially sceptical about RTT and was quite reluctant to make contact with Cathy. However my son talked me into giving it a go, and after an initial conversation with her my only regret was not contacting her earlier. My first feeling when I met Cathy was as if I’d met an old friend whom I could tell just about anything and with each follow-up chat this only grew stronger. Her gentle nature and sincere desire to be there for you, listen and help are truly remarkable. Her professionalism and care really make you want to believe in yourself and to change the way you think and live for the better. I was really astonished by the results and now have the tools to lead a happier life. I can’t recommend Cathy as a therapist strongly enough and have already referred some family and friends to her."

N (UK)

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