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White Sand and Stone

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by the client
  • If the client cancel their payment within 2 hours of paying, a full refund will be made

  • If the client cancel their session outside of the 48 hours prior to their session, a 50% fee will apply.

  • If the client cancel their session within 48 hour prior to their session, he/she will be charged the full session fee.

Cancellation by the therapist
  • In case of exceptional circumstance, Cathy Jenkins Therapy reserves the right to cancel or alter the session. If the session is cancelled, alternative dates will be given, If no alternative dates can be found, a 50% refund will be given.


  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your session, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged  the full fees. Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions are structured, and a delay of 10 minutes or more, does not allow enough time to complete a session.

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